At MAS Egypt we always seek to create designs that aims to impress our clients and present them with all their dreams and thoughts in their settlement. these are some sample Design work from our collection.

The sky is your limit

MAS Egypt is Specialized in all designs, finishes & decoration. We seek to implement a new concept for interior design of apartments, villas, exhibitions, shops, restaurants, pharmacies clinics , other projects and complete contracting through the implementation of designs based on the foundations and dimensions developed to meet the functional needs of the place with the latest international decorations and prices suitable for all levels and raw materials of high quality calculated in advance​
saad ahmed saad


Helen Travel agency

The complete Design , over seeing and execution of Helen’s two branches ( 5th settlement & Eldokky )

Magda rabee's beauty saloon

The complete design and execution of Magda rabee’s beauty saloon in Elmokattam 

Our modern Collection

A Sample of our modern works through out the years of our work

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