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MAS Egypt is Specialized in all designs, finishes 
decoration. MAS Egypt implements a new concept for interior design of apartments, villas, exhibitions, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, clinics, complete contracting and other projects through the implementation of designs based on the foundations and dimensions developed to meet the functional needs of the place with the latest international decorations and prices suitable for
all levels and raw materials of high quality  calculated in advance .



living room



we have vision​

MAS EGYPT makes 3-D designs and offers a model of designs, decorations and interior furniture of the establishment and its presentation to the client before implementation and discuss all things with the client before implementation.

Prepare your garden with all the landscaping works and swimming pool at prices that suit all customers.

Surveillance Cameras : For villas – administrative projects – shops – etc …
Surveillance cameras enable you to supervise your work either from the workplace or from anywhere in the world to achieve discipline and control over employees.

Air conditioners:
Supply and installation for air conditioners of all brands.

“Everything you can imagine is real just take your coffy and let us work on it 🙂 ”

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