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  • Re-Designing your life style

    Re-Designing your life style

    Your Life is you responsibilty but your design is ours

  • Re-discover your space

    Re-discover your space

    We add new insights into your space so that you can see it differently

  • make it worthy life

    make it worthy life

    Anti-Aged Designs, echos on you Soul for sure.

  • Chose Your Home Design

    Chose Your Home Design

    <p>Chose Your Home Design</p>

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Scope Of Our Works

Decor and construction projects

Mas Egypt Company is a decoration company and it is one of the best decoration companies in Egypt and we have more than 20 years experience in this field and we have designed and implemented many proj...

Interior Design

Interior designers face challenges every day; some may not like them, while others may provoke you and open the door to a career you did not think possible. Anyone can literally become an interior de...

Exterior Design

Exterior finishes are the perspective that others see about the distinction of your building We are in Mas Egypt as a company specialized in decoration, exterior finishes and interior finishes. We ar...

Administrative Design

Corporate office designs show your business size So your passion for the right choices for these designs is essential to show the company&#39;s image to its customers The nature of your choice of de...

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Villas & palaces

Latest News

Mas Egypt offers you

Mas Egypt offers you ⭐️ Free inspection service for your unit It helps you fully define your needs and requests for all finishing works We make illustrations for the distribution of mattresses, places of electrical points and air conditioners Free 3D design for the entire apartment so that you can visualize your whole apartment before implementation This will make you comfortable that no modifications will cost you money and time Contact us immediately and right the Mas Egypt offers in the discounts week Contact ☎️ 01229000568 01000771008 whatsapp👉: https: //chat....

Exploiting small spaces is an art that few can master

Exploiting small spaces is an art that few can master With Mass Egypt, specialized engineers have experience in utilizing all spaces in the best way 20% discount on all packages 25% discount on furniture Preview is free Right, register with us, and benefit from Mas Egypt offers Register now and take advantage of the special offer after calling Or leave your number and we will call you immediately Contact ☎️ 01229000568 01000771008 whatsapp👉: https: //chat.whatsapp.com/BuqwvpSnr848vYzSHOK5bN instagram👉https: //instagram.com/_masegypt? igshid website 👉; http: //w...

Live the luxury life with a touch of elegance

#Live the luxury life with a touch of elegance - Write off your apartment and receive it on the key and enjoy the highest discounts * 20% discount on packages * Free 3D & 2D design if executed * Free preview * Business guarantee We do all brush work Mass Egypt is your only choice Register now to enjoy the special offer and send all details and packages to Messenger Or leave your number and we will call you immediately 💥 Contact ☎️ 01229000568 01000771008 whatsapp👉: https: //chat.whatsapp.com/BuqwvpSnr848vYzSHOK5bN instagram👉https: //instagram.com/_masegypt? ig...

Why MasEgypt

our clients is our friends

Our clients are our friends We are not just designers, but we push our customers to talk, think and dream freely to fin...

quality before price

Quality before price Our catchword is quality before price This is result of our experince in the requirements of work...

your comfort is our comfort

Everyone needs comfort and we care about the comfort of our clients. So we always wake up to cover your support for w...

Development of ourselves

Development of ourselves We are proud that we are always aware of what is going on around us.     We always develop ou...

Are you ready to makeover your space?

Our Work Philosophy

  • Implementation and delivery
  • 3D Design
  • perview site
  • first Meeting & Agree

After the client approved design, the execution will be start. The implementation of the project from the most wonderful situation that the client can pass by where he see what he dreamed of it is front of his eye implemented actually It is also one of the best moments of the designer at all, because he is in moments to show his creativity and sense is be de fact

After the designers know all the details of the site and the requirements of the client, the simulator is executed through 3D designs and those designs will be presented to the client for approval before the actual work start . This step is one of the most important steps taken by our company in order to save time and money in the implementation of any project

After the first interview with designers&#39; team, previewed the site to determine the possibilities of working on the requirements of the client and to know the design dimensions that fit with the nature of the site. The client shall be made aware of the possibility of implementing his requirements and adding some suggestions that are suitable for the nature of the site to show the work in the best way. Then, will be agreed upon on the final form of design work

The first interview phase is one of the most important stages of starting work with clients Where the client empties all that he dreams of and all of his mind to designers&#39; team . The data provided by the client is analyzed by the designers&#39; team and the team is given opinions to improve what client dreams based on our experience in our business . The initial agreement is to authorize the start of work before moving on to the next stages