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Interior Design

Implementation of duplexes in Nasr City

Thanks to God, duplexes in Nasr City were delivered 🔥🎆
A special discount on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 🔥 🎆
🔥 3D design of your residential unit, in case of free implementation
🔥 A preview of our work on nature before writing the contract
🔥 20% discount on all packages 🔥
🔥 A guarantee on the works after receipt. 🔥
And because we are distinguished and have 25 years of experience in the field of finishes and decoration, we offer you: -
1 / Certified and authenticated guarantee certificate from the company (for all works)
2 / A penalty clause imposed on the company for every day of delay (and your brain is relieved of an industrialist who is not present or not)
3 / Prices of finishes on the net area only (this is determined by the engineering drawing)
4 / The company is available to deal with the supervision system (cost-plus_ measurement _ packages)
5 / We differ from others (accuracy of implementation according to design
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