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Exterior Design

Exterior finishes are the perspective that others see about the distinction of your building We are in Mas Egypt as a company specialized in decoration, exterior finishes and interior finishes. We are distinguished by displaying your building in the form of architectural masterpiece that makes everyone who sees it does not want to close the art of finishing, And the choice of suitable finishing materials for the building is determined by several factors, the most important of which are the cost, the effect of architectural coordination, its textile appearance, its resistance to moisture, fire or sound, the extent of its original life and its resistance to scraping or scratching and its components. Moreover, these finishes are highly influenced by personal choice, professional experience, As the finishes are faced with the visible building, the details of the architectural designs of the building and its construction on the foundations of the technical foundations are very important and the finishes are divided into different types depending on the parts of the building, Ziat or ceilings or roofs The following are important for each of them separately details

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