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Interior Design

Crystal Plaza apartment design

Implementation of an apartment in Crystal Plaza compound
With Mass Egypt (write off at cost price):
1/ Free engineering drawings when contracting for implementation (to help you in the decoration)
2/ Finishing prices are based on the net area only (and this is what the engineering drawing will show)
3 / engineering supervision from the company's engineers 👷 (I mean people understand him in all / small and large in finishes 👌)
4/ We inspect the place and offer you a detailed measurement for each item (with commitment to details of prices and time period)
5 / A penalty clause on the company for each day of delay ⌚ (and relax your brain from my crafts, come and why not)
6/ The lowest costs ⬇️⬇️ (and this is normal because you will not know how to take the prices of the materials and workmanship that we take as a company)
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